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Discover the new way to experiment in Biology!

Lab4U presents the new app for experimentation in Biology.

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Lab4Biology introduces tools that ease the student’s research process. Students will be able to learn Experimental Biology with more than 30 pre-designed experiments aimed at developing 21st-century scientific skills through inquiry- and project-based learning.

Thanks to our pre-built tools making the most of your phone’s features, you can explore biology’s most important topics, like cell biology, physiology, microbiology, ecology, evolution and more.

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Lab4Biology comes with two innovative tools



The analyscope tool, designed by Lab4U, can explore images captured with or stored on a phone and classify elements within them that are of investigative importance. Our algorithm also counts elements within an image and can identify which group it corresponds to. Explore the microscopic and macroscopic world with our Analyscope!



The Experimental Journal is Lab4Biology's most versatile tool. It allows users to keep a systematic record of biological processes over a period of time, systematize information collected in a particular experiment, and record observations on field trips. Plus, it functions as a notebook in the moment when working on a project. The journal’s benefits know no limits!


Explore Biology’s Most Relevant Topics

How do we design our learning experiences?

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